America’s Last Blockbuster

As long as we can keep the customers coming in, paying the bills, we’ll stay open

But I’m a bit nervous that we might close some day too. We have a lot of people saying “Make it into a museum,” which would be a little bit of fun. But the excitement of being the last one and to share it with everyone has been great.

I’m very proud to know that we’ve survived.

This has always been a big movie-renting town and Bend really loves the local.

As you drive around Bend you’ll see signs of “shop local”, “support local”. All the T-shirts, the stickers and everything we’re selling is made in Bend. They want to support us as much as we support the community. It’s the local people coming back that will keep us open.

The elements of a traditional Blockbuster have all been kept: yellow walls, candy machines, even the computer system with its blue screen. And, obviously, the drop box for returns.

By Hugo Bachega BBC News, Bend, Oregon

I’m proud that we’ve survived!

Sandi Harding

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